typeRealising your true potential in both meanings of the phrase can be a difficult thing to achieve. Self-appraisal and recognition is near impossible without bias one way or the other and even if this were to be gauged accurately, being able to translate this into obtainable goal achievement is still a challenge.

Internal resources and guidance schemes are often geared to guide you along paths which retain your talent and fit with that organisations view of how a career should run, not neccessarily how you want yours to run.

Having gained experience in your chosen field, you will have an idea what you would like to do with this experience. Translating this into practical steps and timelining your end goal into increments is a difficult personal challenge.

We offer a service to middle management and above which allows you an impartial perspective on what you need to do in order to unlock your potential and begin moving in the direction you want to through our guidance program.

Through years of tracking careers, facilitating moves to aid the upwardly mobile, meetings with Directors / board members / practice managers and having been through numerous training schemes across consultancies, we have the knowledge.

One wrong turn can set you back years – dont become someone who settles for the satisfactory by judging yourself by what you are told. Everyone in today’s job market has options. What defines your career is the options you choose.

The service is completely free and the only obligation you have is to yourself once targets have been set. Once you see the future you think you deserve on a piece of paper in front of you, you will surprise yourself at how quickly you can make it happen.

This service is completely confidential and for your benefit. Its our way of saying “thank you” to the market.


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